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Single Cell analysis
powered by Raman Trapping Microscopy


  • molecular profiling

  • from genomics to functional metabolomics

  • sensitive, label-free, non-destructive

Four main fields of application

  • Sensitive in-process monitoring of cell development and differentiation


  • Efficient on-site Quality Control of cell-based products


  • Early identification of Cancer and Disease


  • Fast detection of cell reactions on Drugs and Pathogens

CellTool systems are based on

two Nobel prize awarded Technologies -

Raman Spectroscopy & Optical Trapping


Art Ashkin awarded with the physics Nobel Prize 2018 for Optical Trapping

Finally - Art really deserves it.

Photons on duty for health

BioRam®  - the unique Raman-Trapping Microscope

Spot on for label-free single cell analysis in 2D cell cultures, 3D tissue and even in fluids - gentle, specific and efficient

Experience Next Generation Cell Analysis - a shift in paradigm:

Benefit from CellTool’s unique and easy-to-handle Raman Trapping microscope


• Shed new light onto cells and tissue - a few (< 100) cells are enough for reliable results 


• Explore how the metabolome of your cells varies during growth and differentiation

• Observe how the composition of molecules in a cell change with development of cancer and disease


• Monitor how cells and tissue react upon drugs or toxin.


• Check the quality of cell based therapeutics during production and of the final product - fast and efficient

​• Save long-time cultivation, expensive antibody markers and costly media.


Investigate your samples from a complete different perspective with no need for staining or antibody-based labeling. 

Use CellTool’s patented comparative Raman trapping microscopy.



Please find a summary of general application possibilities in

Next generation cell analysis

an invited contribution to the European funding portal „Horizon2020 projects“.



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