Next generation cell analysis

BioRam®, Raman spectroscopy is as easy as routine microscopy. Especially designed for biologists and physicians the inverse digital Raman microscope with motorized scanning stage and integrated Optical Trap

is the ideal platform for:


  • Novel single cellanalysis and profiling (e.g. stem cells, T-cells, bacteria)

  • advanced medical cell classification (e.g. tumor cells, microenvironment)

  • quality assurance of cell based products (e.g. CAR-T cells, stem cells, grafts)


BioRam® provides the necessary conditions for direct measurements of native cells within tissues, grafts or fluids.

Equipped with a fluorescence module Raman results can easily be confirmed and calibrated with standard techniques involving fluorescence staining.

The simultaneous trapping features that automatically occur with power up of the Raman laser enable reliable Raman spectra acquisition of even motile samples in solution.