In-process monitoring


BioRam® provides fast and reliable information about your cells within minutes.

Whenever only small sample amounts are present or diffiulties arise with antibody-based markers, i.e. they are not specific enough, not available at all or when time and cost matters, BioRam®  is the tool-of-choice. Just 100 cells are suffi  cient for reliable results about cells, their behaviour and development. There is no need for cell expansion, sample preparation or antibody staining.

BioRam® saves time and money with every analysis !

Examples: Monitoring of cell stages using Raman analysis

BioRam® could discriminate apoptotic/necrotic and viable control cells.


Raman spectroscopy enables easy analysis and continuous monitoring of cell apoptosis and necrosis in a fast, label-free and non-invasive way.

The accuracy of Raman-based cell discrimination was 99.7% viable versus dead cells, and 92.3% between cell states. Results were confirmed by flow cytometry and fluorescence microscopy.

In addition, BioRam® monitors


  • influence of different culture media

  • impact of hypoxic conditions on cell development, differentiation of stem cells towards arterial fibroblasts activation of neuronal precursor cells using TGFß.

  • reaction of microglial cells upon lipopolisaccharoids or interleukin.

  • discrimination of activated from non-activated buccal fibroblasts within 3D-matrix mucoderm®

  • effect of drugs or toxins providing single-cell kinetics within µ-well equipped microfluidic channels


Monitoring is either done by direct cell measurements and/or via analysis of the supernatant providing information about secreted substances.

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