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Presentation and Poster at "2020 International Cell Culture Under Flow Meeting"  18-19 February 2020

Dr. Hesham Yosef  will give a lecture on Tuesday, 19 February 2020:

Interrogating the biochemical status of cells under flow using Raman-laser-trapping, an innovative ana...

2020 PEMED - Personalized and Precision Medicine International Conference, 19-21 February 2020

Dr. Hesham Yosef will give a lecture on Tuesday, 19 February 2020, 4:30 pm:

"Raman-laser-trapping: a novel analytical tool in personalized medicine"

2020 PEMED International Con...


Website Biotechnology Euroscicon 2019

Title of the talk:  "Raman Trapping Microscopy for label-free and fast cell analysis to monitor quality of cells and tissues in Regenerative Medicine"


Roche Biotech Day is a new scientific symposium together with biotech experts from academia and industry. The focus is on future applications and developments (e.g. novel therapeutic proteins & diagnostics, modelling & simulation, digital transformation & big data hand...


… The fastest growing and the second largest market for healthcare. 

… The second largest venture capital volume next to US, three times as big as             whole Europe. 

… Has the second most number of “Uni-Corn” companies in the...

Speaker: Dr. Karin Schütze

Tuesday, 16 October 2018, 3 pm (15 Uhr)

Label-Free and Non-Invasive Single Cell Analysis Using Raman Spectroscopy

2018 PDA Europe Pharmaceutical Microbiology


Berlin Mariott Hotel

Inge-Beisheim-Platz 1

10785 Berlin/Germany

, 15-16 October 20...

Karin Schütze, CellTool is invited speaker at the upcoming ATMP conference in Amsterdam:

6th June 2018; 10 am:

"Raman Trapping Microscopy for Manufacturing and Quality Control of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products"

For details please refer to the conference brochure as...

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