Corona infected cells

Raman spectroscopy measures corona infected cells

June 2020, Tutzing

With BioRam®, CellTool has developed a Raman microscope system that allows to identify and characterize cells without labelling – solely based on interaction of photons with biomolecules of a cell. The recorded Raman spectra are as unique as a fingerprint. BioRam® was recently even used to identify corona-infected cells and to measure patient blood cells. A direct detection of bacteria without prior cultivation or the measurement of extracellular vesicles such as exosomes is fast and easy. Vision components from STEMMER IMAGING play an important role for the BioRam® microscope of the newly introduced second generation.  [...]

The BioRam® Laser trapping technology

2020, Tutzing

BioRam® Laser trapping technology allows the optical trapping and sorting of single cells in solution and liquid biopsies. The Raman measurements and data analysis of the cells are automatically processed. Raman results provides a multi-omics profiling of the cells, revealing changes in cellular macromolecules such as nucleic acids, proteins, lipids, and carbohydrates. Consequently, BioRam® can monitor biological changes in cells upon differentiation, cell-cell interactions, cells stimulation and in 3D structures such as organoids.

Invitation to contribute:

Animal Cell Biotechnology "on the potential of Raman Laser Spectroscopy

(BioRAM system) in single cell analysis and quality control of cell products"

April 2020, Tutzing

CellTool would like to thank the editor for the invitation to contribute the chapter on the potential of Raman Laser Spectroscopy (BioRAM system) in single cell analysis and quality control of cell products. CellTool would like also to congratulate all the authors of “Animal Cell Biotechnology Methods and Protocols Book” for this remarkable collection of protocols and state-of-the-art techniques employed in the optimization, production and analysis of cell cultures and biopharma applications. It was our pleasure at CellTool to contribute to this illustrative book by providing a detailed protocol of the complete workflow of Raman-laser-trapping technique (BioRam® microscopic platform), revealing the great potential of this technique in single cell analysis and quality control of cell products.


The book: Ralf Pörtner (Editor) of Animal Cell Biotechnology - Methods and Protocols 4th edition - Springer Protocols I Humana Press  

Press Release

"CellTool Appoints Wulf Fischer-Knuppertz as CEO"

JAN 2020, Tutzing

Wulf Fischer-Knuppertz has joined CellTool as CEO. He will closely collaborate with Karin Schütze as CSO and the whole CellTool team. Wulf brings in all his experience from many years of leadership positions in the diagnostics industry (Roche Diagnostics), metabolomics (Biocrates) and biomarkers, to make CellTool's ground-breaking cell analysis technology a gold standard in the market. Along with new investors CellTool is determined to strongly grow the business further promote the novel BioRam® platform in life sciences. (...)

CellTool Munich

CellTool in "European Life Science-Innovation Hubs of the Munich area"

2019, Munich

European Life Science-Innovation Hubs of the Munich area to indicate Munich’s excellence in Scientific Tools & Instruments R&D and businesses.

Interview on page 40.

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