Optical Trapping

The unique Optical Trapping features implemented in BioRam® capture the specimen within the laser focus and hold them tight during Raman analysis. The focused laser beam induces high photon density – creating a strong electromagnetic field gradient for optimal trapping, as well as resulting in spectra of high intensity. This combination results in good and reliable spectra even of motile samples.

This trapping capability has opened a new venue of applications especially for samples in solution in the sub-micrometer scale such as bacteria or exosomes.





Raman detection enhancement:

Many approaches were developed to enhance Raman signals such as using Plasmon/resonance effects in Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS), to enable Raman measurements of small cells. However, it requires chemical modification of the sample (i.e. nanostructures) and special coatings of the substrate surface. Thus, it is a sample destructive and time intense analysis.

In contrast, due to raise of spectral intensity (10 fold) in trapped samples, BioRam® analysis bacteria and cells in minutes - direct within their native environment and in a highly automated manner.

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