Our BioRam®

Get a unique ‘metabolomic fingerprint’ from your cells


BioRam® makes Raman spectroscopy as simple as light microscopy. This unique Raman-Trapping microscope provides biologists and physicians fast and easy information about cell kind, cell state, cell behaviour and cell reaction upon drugs or toxins.

BioRam® is designed by biologists especially for biomedical applications.

  • intuitive user interface with lot's of goodies

  • integrated Optical Trap allows Raman spectra acquisition of samples in solution - even of motile bacteria 

  • cells of interest can be positioned and isolated for further application


Get complete new insight into your sample:












BioRam® will change the way of samples analysis.​

In close cooperation with our customers hardware and software features are continuously adapted to meet specific requirements:


Get the BioRam® YOU need:

  • tailored platforms for various applications

  • modular system dedicated to your requirements.

Modules are:

  • environmental control (temperature, CO 2/O2)

  • fluorescence unit (decide for 4 different fluorchromes)

  • microfluidic

  • first-class customer support

  • customer workshops and application laboratory

  • specific information about the overall chemical composition of cells and fluidics

  • precise results – in 2D and 3D cell culture, and tissues

  • work with small sample amounts (100 cells)

  • analyze eukaryotic, prokaryotic as well as plant cells


  • modification of cell surfaces or activity states

  • destruction of the sample

  • time- and cost intense sample staining or antibody based labeling



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