A paradigm shift in the identification, characterization and sorting of cells


CellTool’s analytical platforms enable physicians, pharmacists and biologists to exploit the potential of Raman spectroscopy for biomedical applications. Just like ‘photonic fingerprinting’ Raman spectroscopy provides specific information about the overall chemical composition of the specimen. It enables reliable identification of different cell types, discrimination of cell phase and even monitoring of stem dell differentiation without any biochemical labeling such as antibody-based markers or fluorescence molecules.

Browse our selection of examples ranging from cancer research and stem cell research to drug discovery , quality control and clinical practice. In cooperation with partners, we are continuously exploring further applications and expanding the body of knowledge in the field. We engage in an open dialogue with academia, clinics and industry and expressly welcome your input.

Applications of modern micro-Raman spectroscopy for cell analyses

Metabolic fingerprinting in disease diagnosis: biomedical applications of infrared and Raman spectroscopy

Metabolic Profiles of Cancer Cells

Analytical applications of Raman spectroscopy

Label-free biochemical characterization of stem cells using vibrational spectroscopy

Optical spectroscopy for noninvasive monitoring of stem cell differentiation

Medical applications of Raman spectroscopy: from proof of principle to clinical implementation

Raman microspectroscopy: a noninvasive tool for studies of individual living cells in vitro

Raman spectroscopy: the gateway into tomorrow's virology

Applications of Raman spectroscopy in pharmaceutical analysis

Raman microspectroscopy for non-invasive biochemical analysis of single cells

Deep non-invasive Raman spectroscopy of living tissue and powders



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