Besides producing the BioRam as high-end Raman Spectroscope, CellTool also offers Services for occasional customers. In our fully equipped Service Lab, we can fulfill all your needs for analysing your samples with Raman spectroscopy. CellTools Data Scientists are also glad to evaluate and interpred your own individual Raman spectra with high-end multivariate statistical tools.

Raman Service Lab

An amazing opportunity using Raman Spectroscopy

You are interested in …

characterizing – comparing – finding e.g. treatment induced changes – evaluation of other molecular analyses​


Our team supports you to  bring your research to a next level. We will analyze your samples and happy to discuss your results. Our Raman Service Lab is equipped with all standards for handling live cells or fixed material. 

Services We Offer

– Proof-of-Concept on your samples – Demonstration of the BioRam System using your samples – RentalLab: Use the BioRam System on your samples and all the equipment in the lab – Contract Work on your samples In addition, we help you to push your Raman analys ingis to the next level. Benefit from our long-year experience to – set up experiments – optimize Raman spectra acquisition – optimize sample preparation – optimize data analysis

Raman Data Analysis

An amazing opportunity using Raman Spectroscopy

Services We Offer

– Contract Work on your Data – Customised analytical Algorithms – Calculations of statistical values fit for your needs – Intensive contact and discussions of your results

Can‘t wrap your head around your Data?

We can help you with:

characterizing – comparing – finding treatment induced changes – 

evaluation of other molecular analysis – getting statistical numbers out of your data


Our team supports you to  bring your research to a next level. We will have a look at your Data and are happy to discuss your results. ​​Our Raman Data Analysis experts are equipped with various algorithms, optimised for Raman Spectroscopic Data.