22nd April 2020 • FREE Webinar "Raman laser trapping applications of single cell analysis and quality of cell-based products" • Update on Developments etc.

April 15, 2020

Dear fellow scientists,


in the past we had common projects applying Raman spectroscopy for label-free single cell analysis. We would like to follow up with you on our former scientific exchange and collaboration and inform you about our recent developments in our technology and data analysis software.

Over the recent years, CellTool has optimized its Raman laser trapping platform BioRam® with an increased sensitivity toward single cell analysis. The improvements applied to BioRam® include sample handlings, measurements automation, and addition of fluorescence module. Furthermore, our newly developed software CT-RamSES is equipped with powerful statistical analysis tools such as PCA, LDA, and HCA, in full automation.  All these developments have expanded the analytical potential of BioRam® and opened new venues of applications such as cell type classifications, quality control of cell-based products, monitoring cell-cell and cell-matrix interaction, and detecting stimulated cells.


In times when we are all kept with limited access to our working place and probably working from home we would like to offer you to participate in a webinar addressing this innovative developments and giving you the opportunity to a direct exchange with Q&As.


The webinar will address the following topics:


  • Recent technology advancements of BioRam® and new results applying unique features of Raman trapping


  • Our recently developed software CT-RamSES in a web-based format and powered by strong automatic data analysis tools such as PCA, LDA, and HCA


  • Expanding our land scape of applications from tissue and single cells measurements to the submicron scale of bacteria and extracellular vesicles



Raman laser trapping applications of single cell analysis and quality control of cell-based products




Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020


10:00 am CET




5:00 pm CET


If you are interested in our webinar please register here https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/1839338223995352334 to join our free webinar in English.





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